nwm MBE001 wireless headphones

Seamless sound for a seamless world

Put connection above immersion with on-ear speakers that let ambient sounds and conversation seep in.

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beyond earphones

On-ear speakers only you can hear

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a man drinking coffee
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Hear your music. Listen to the world

nwm feels just like a speaker in the room, adding a soundtrack to your everyday life as you connect to your surroundings. The only difference is, only you can hear what’s playing.

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pronounced “noom”

Meet the nwm earphone family

nwm MWE001 wireless headphones
nwm MBE001

Wireless on-ear speakers

Open ear earphones with sound leakage minimization. Microphone & media controls included.

nwm MwE001 wired headphones
nwm MWE001

Wired on-ear speakers

Unlimited playtime in a 9g featherweight package. Get the earpiece that started the sound revolution.


Listening has a different ring to it

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Through artful engineering, our team has learned to manipulate the very fabric of sound. nmw projects outwards sound waves opposite to what’s playing in your ear, creating a Personalized Sound Zone that goes wherever you go.

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Open-ear design
Hear ambient sounds, conversations & your voice.
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Comfortable fit
Only 9.5g each. Secure ear-hook design.
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Minimal sound leakage
Keeps what's playing private 15 cm away from your ear.
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High quality sound
12 mm drivers. No bone conduction required.
The Technology
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Hear the sound of your voice

Natural conversations, in person and online. The open-ear design lets you hear your own voice while your music or the people on the video call sound like they’re in the room with you.