Next Generation of Open-Ear Wireless Earphones Only the Wearer Can Hear

With the global earphone and headphone market’s size forecasted to grow to USD $126 billion by as soon as 2030, numerous factors are propelling the category to these extreme fiscal heights. This includes rising customer expectations for increased audio quality coupled with the expansion of the music industry, mobile technologies and Internet penetration at large.

Earphones have also become a ubiquitous accessory for the numerous ways the device enhances daily lives. From 2-way communication, music, entertainment, fitness and gaming immersion to more utilitarian needs like concentration, noise cancellation and hearing protection, earphones enrich the human experience in so many ways.

As this sector burgeons, one visionary company realized the still untapped potential of this product category and is single-handedly taking earphone technology to exciting new heights:

NTT sonority—Japan’s audio brand that is a subsidiary of NTT, which is a leading global technology company. This tech behemoth has significantly raised the bar and is permanently disrupting the market with the launch of its ground-breaking nwm MBE001 True Wireless On-Ear Speakers featuring its proprietary “Personalized Sound Zone” (PSZ) Technology. Revolutionizing the way we experience audio, the PSZ innovation allows users to enjoy audio with utmost privacy, situational awareness, sound quality and comfort.

The technology minimizes audio leakage by containing sound to the ear, enabling users to use this on-ear speaker in public spaces without worrying about disturbing their surroundings—or having prying ears listening in … even if they are sitting or standing right next to you. This audio technology advancement is at the product’s core, providing users with the ultimate private acoustic space and balanced sound experience allowing them to hear their world differently than ever before.

User Experience is Everything

The nwm MBE001 on-ear speakers are thoughtfully designed to address numerous factors that directly impact user satisfaction. These key benefits include:

  • Reduced audio escape for utmost privacy. These earphones feature “PSZ Technology” creating a Personalized Sound Zone, which reduces audio leakage and ensures a private audio experience … whether that be a conversation, music, video or any other sound source. The PSZ technology resolves the long-lamented sound leakage problem, finally allowing users to listen to music, audiobooks, phone calls and attend online meetings in cafes and other public spaces with peace of mind.

From the innovative minds at NTT Sonority, nwm is more than just an earphone brand. It's a revolution in the way we experience sound. Our journey began with a simple idea: to create a world where you control the sounds you hear. “It is important for users to remain connected to their environment while indulging in their favorite audio content, and this additional safety element is among the key features setting nwm MBE001 apart from other earphones on the market—both wireless and wired,” said Hiroshi Sakai, NTT Sonority Managing Director and CEO. “The technology enables users to enjoy their own personal sound zone without disturbing those around them or allowing them to accidentally or intentionally listen in. With the nwm MBE001 open earphones, audio is confined to within a few centimeters of the ear, ensuring music, audiobooks, videos, conversations and other sounds remain entirely private. These headphones concurrently allow users to stay aware of what’s around them, but without compromising audio quality, comfort or discretion. The wearer will hear more and miss less.”

  • Balanced listening comfort. In addition, the nwm MBE001 open-ear speakers offer balanced listening comfort by not blocking the ears, allowing users to hear ambient sounds and even their own voice clearly. The 12mm diameter drivers provide a natural listening comfort, similar to listening to background music, allowing a unique and equitable listening experience both through and outside of the earphones. Perfect for those who frequently use online communication, the open ears make it easy to speak without blocking the sound of your own voice.
  • Situational awareness and interaction. Because the device is not inserted inside the ear canal and does not block the ears, users can engage in natural conversations with people around them … even while listening to music or any other audio. They no longer have to remove the device when paying at the cash register, asking a quick question at the gym or responding to co-workers. Most importantly, users can remain alert to the sounds of approaching cars and other possible hazards—fostering potentially life-saving situational awareness.
  • Superior sound quality. Advanced sound technology allows users to experience crystal-clear audio. These on-ear speakers deliver rich, balanced sound across all genres, elevating the music listening experience to new heights.
  • Seamless wireless connectivity: The latest Bluetooth technology provides hassle-free pairing and a reliable, uninterrupted wireless connection that allows users to move freely, without any limitations.
  • Customizable sound via a dedicated app. nwm Connect (for iOS and Android only) is a dedicated app available as a free download. The EQ feature allows you to select your favorite preset and enjoy the sound that best fits to your environment.
  • Ultra-comfort for extended wear. The earphones are also ultra-light, weighing only 9.5g each, ensuring those using the nwm MBE001 wireless on-ear speakers can avoid fatigue from extended use. Its ultra-lightweight, ergonomic design, coupled with the stability of the ear-hook, reduces stress on the ear amid prolonged wear.
  • Extended battery life: The built-in microphone and zero need to continually recharge throughout the work day or night makes these earphones ideal for remote work and online meetings. Users can enjoy conversations, their favorite music and other audio all day long. The nwm MBE001 wireless on-ear speakers boast an impressive battery life of up to 6 hours on a single charge, ensuring the earphones are always ready whenever needed. Moreover, the included charging case provides convenient on-the-go charging.
  • Button controls: Effortlessly control your audio experience with a simple physical button  built into the wearable device. With a simple push, you can play.

Revolutionary Technology

NTT Sonority’s journey taking the nwm MBE001 wireless on-ear speakers from concept to product launch was marked by countless trials and adjustments to balance sound pressure and quality while minimizing sound leakage. The company’s PSZ technology is a key innovation that applies the principle of noise cancellation by producing an inverted soundwave to neutralize sound. Unlike conventional audio devices that house the speaker unit in a box to prevent interference, PSZ technology has redefined this norm by confining sound within a 360-degree radius around the ear to minimize sound leakage. This non-directional speaker design offers stress-free, continuous listening without the pressure or vibrations associated with bone conduction earphones.

To incorporate PSZ technology into the nwm MBE001 on-ear speakers, the company had to reduce the size of the speaker units to their smallest possible dimensions. The challenge was to maintain sound quality while achieving sound pressure in the ear. The unique approach of using the inverted waveform from the back of the speaker to cancel out sound has also led NTT Sonority to undertake R&D on both aircraft seats that provide a more private acoustic space as well as automobile seats that allow different audio playback for each user—all to improve comfort in ground and air transport vehicles WITHOUT using earphones or headphones. The ability to enjoy audio comfortably in a private space will make long journeys more enjoyable and comfortable while also enabling seamless communication with those around you.

About nwm

NTT sonority’s New Wave Maker (nwm) audio brand was created in November 2022 with the goal of creating an optimal audio experience. The company aims to expand its audio solutions to address future ways of working and living by creating not just a sense of immersion, but the comfort of being connected. Learn more at

About NTT sonority

NTT sonority is an audio engineering-focused subsidiary of NTT, which is a leading global technology company providing services in over 190 countries and regions to consumers and business as a mobile operator, infrastructure, networks, applications, and consulting provider. The company’s mission is to foster connection through sound, by letting people choose what they want to hear, and what they want others to hear. The company’s core R&D in sound physics and related hardware powers ground-breaking consumer product lines as well as B2B use cases with wide societal impact. Learn more at